Software Engineer

MTek Solutions is well known for supplying ICT parts and systems to thousands of its customers with maintaining high standards of services and quality products. As a result of our growth strategy, restructure and relocation, an opportunity has arisen to join our team.

  • Great Opportunity to grow with the business
  • Attractive salary package
  • Geelong VICTORIA Location

As a result of our new business expansion plans, we are looking for following role to join us.

Software Engineer

Work tasks include the following but not limited to:

  • Consult the client to gather the data of their requirements. Analyse the data collected and do research what are the specifications should be and how to design and program the application. Establish the system program requirements.
  • Communicate with client to suggest possible improvements/enhancements to improve the functionality/usability/productivity of desired application
  • If any program / application exist in client / customer’s system, diagnose any limitation and deficiency of the application/program and associated processes. Rewrite the codes of program to eliminate/remove limitations and deficiencies. Enhancements in the existing application if suggested by client.
  • Establish the scope of the application by finalising and preparing documentation for Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) which shows environment requirement of hardware and software to develop/run the software application. Confirm the same with client.
  • Discuss and evaluates the financial aspects of costs of required/recommended software purchases and upgrades with the client.
  • Prepare mock screen/use case/data flow to show how the application will look and work. Prepare application architecture to reuse existing codes (if any), ease maintenance, separation of code etc. with use case diagram and data flow diagram.
  • Write / develop the software application that follows the object oriented concepts and software engineering models, rules, constraints and guidelines in order to fulfil client’s requirements.
  • Coordinate with team members i.e. hardware engineers to ensure smooth and speedy operation of application/program.
  • Testing of application to ensure quality of end application with compliance according to client requirements and specifications. Diagnose errors and faults in the program and correct them, if find any.
  • Make documentation which includes dataflow diagram, entity relationship diagram, use case diagram, database dictionary, etc.; so that user can understand and use the software application/program easily and can use it flawlessly.
  • Creating deployment document to describe prerequisite application/tools/library or configuration to run the application properly on target environment
  • Testing the application including black box testing, white box testing, etc. and then bug fixing to ensure quality to final product.
  • On the basis of inputs from client, after installation of software, perform maintenance that include application enhancement, updating codes, etc.

The successful candidate will need be multi-tasking, self-motivated individual & should possess:

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer science, or related subject
  • Minimum 12 months post qualification Software Engineer or Developer Programmer experience
  • Strong IT Support skills in a Microsoft Environment
  • Good technical skills supporting Windows 7/10 and experience with Office 2003/2007/2010/365
  • Ability to assist in the implementation and on-going support of a broad range of IT projects
  • Effective communication skills both written & verbal
  • Flexibility to adapt to business needs while enjoying fast paced environments with wide variety
  • Excellent customer service, analytical & problem-solving skills

The ideal candidates will need to have great technical and communications skills and have a true passion for technology and support services.

Experienced graduates are encouraged to apply if they have a high aptitude in Information Technology and have the relevant Tertiary IT qualifications. Overseas candidates can apply also, if selected, we may assist for suitable visa application process if needed.

Please send your applications to