HDMI Extender 20km over Fiber 1080P


Product describe : FeaturesSupport HDMI1.3/HDCP1.1&1.2Support point-to-point mode, multipoint-to-multipoint mode and cascade connection mode.Support signal mode fiber and multi mode fiber transmitSupport one way IR …

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Product Description

Functional Description:

HDMI extender over fiber is a device transmitting HD audio and videosignal via Single Mode or Multi Mode Fiber Cable. It transmits yourHD display with the high resolutions up to 20km away from your HDMI or DVDsource by using one fiber cable. At the same time, it’s also convenient to transmit HDMI audio and video signalby point-to-point mode.

Product Standard:

Video Resolutions : 480p,720p,1080p

Audio Sample rate : 32kHz,44.1kHz,48kHz

IR remote control : 38kHz;NEC

HDMI : HDMI  1.3

HDCP : HDCP  1.2

Power adapter : DC5V/1A

Power consumption : HDMI Sender:3W HDMI receiver:3W

Size(L-W-H) : 163*86*24mm

Weight : 250g x 2

Operating Temperature/Humidity : 0℃-70℃/10%-80%RH(no condensation)

Storage Temperature/Humidity : -10℃-80℃/5%-90%RH(no condensatio